End plate antler, brass pins. Oak handle.

End plate antler, brass pins

Yp small Leuku, laplander knife with oak handle and antler end plate. Lindsee oiled.

Curly birch and bog oak

Field dressing, curly birch, tar oil mixture treated

Field dressing knife, opening knife for big game. Special handle cut with two wood species.

Fish fillet Roselli Small and stabilized Redwood

Two fulltangs, Condor Bushclore and Enzo

Moose hunter knife

100mm carbon steel blade from Roselli, Padauk & curly birch

Lauri 77mm carbon steel blade, special cut knife handle with Padauk and curly birch

colors of Padauk and curly birch

77mm carbon steel carving knife/ bog oak, curly birch.

Roselli hunter 100mm carbon steel blade, curly birch, tar oiled.

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Puronvarsi blade and stabilized walnut

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Taro Movies

Great new handle design!!! Taro