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1. heinä, 2021


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Verkkosivu 16. marras, 2018


I will express myself in English, I am your fan.

15. joulu, 2016

jonathan grankulla

hello from finland love your knives. i make som myself check them out. youtube name is jonathan grankulla

27. elo, 2016

Luiz Carcerelli

Greetings form Rio de Janeiro Brasil. Yoy rise a simple blade to an state of art. Congratulations

4. kesä, 2016

Marty Malone

Greetings from Oklahoma, USA. Your videos have been a real inspiration to a lot of us hobbyists. This knife is a Fallkniv laminated blade in elk antler with nickel silver bolster and ferrule. The sheath is secured with copper rivets, frontier style. Thank
you for the excellent instruction. Please keep up the good work.

2. huhti, 2015

Matti Borodulin

Moro veikkaseni,

Hienot on sivut ja puukot.

Siru ja Masa

1. huhti, 2015

Gareth Terhune

I do not read finish. I used a translate software to help. I am a big fan of yours, you a are skilled craftsman. Keep up the goode work. Do you sell your products?