Puronvarsi hunter 115mm carbon steel blade and stabilized buck eye burl, antler, fiber, nickel silver

Lauri Leuku, laplander knife

Puukko. Carbon steel. 77mm blade.

Carbon steel Roselli long 140mm blade and masur birch (tar oil treated).

Lauri blade stainless 105mm and blue Kirinite material.

Two custom Puronvarsi hunting knifes.

Desert Ironwood handle and Roselli carbon steel blade

Puronvarsi leuku laplander knife, stabilized buck eye burl wood and antler.

Small Roselli laplander blade and stabilized buck eye burl wood with grenadil end knob.

Anssi 125mm carbon steel and special cut masur birch bog oak handle, thick brass front bolster

Carbon steel Puronvarsi blade and birch bark handle

Roselli carbon steel blade 100mm and acryl material in the handle

Puronvarsi carbon steel puukko blade and birch root handle

Fish Fillet, blade from Roselli UHC nano, handle stabilized Redwood high polished

2 x Puronvarsi hunter knife, carbon steel. Stacked leather and birch bark

Lauri blade carbon steel 125mm and special cut handle, flamed birch and bog oak

Bushlore Condor blade and Californian Buck eye burl stabilized handle

Enzo Trapper full tang and black Ash burl handle with red spacers